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Howdy there partner! Fancy a game?

Wrangled! is a fast-paced card game of cowpokes and cattle drives for 2-4 players that takes about 20-40 minutes to play.

Using the cowpoke and cow cards in your hand, you and your posse will create and manage a cattle drive over the course of the game.

Players score points at the end of the drive by claiming the most cows. But watch out- your fellow cowpokes might be mischievous-like and decide to do a little good-natured cattle rustlin’ along the way!

Easy to learn but with hours of replay value, Wrangled! makes a fantastic game for a whole family of cowpokes!

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Is it easy to learn?

Yes! There’s cowpokes for each player (red, yellow, green, & blue) and cows that can be claimed by anyone. Each turn a player can choose 2 actions in any order: Draw cards, Trade their hand for a new one, Build onto the cattle drive, or Wrangle cows and cowpokes off of the cattle drive. The game ends when the deck of fresh cards runs out, and players count up how many cows they’ve successfully claimed.

Can it be played by those who can’t read (in English)?

Yes! The cowpokes and cow cards are pictures only, although an action reminder card is included for each player with descriptions in English. The rules are also only available in English at this time as well, although that has not stopped Wrangled! from being played all over the world!

Will the surface we play on affect the game?

Yes! The layout of Wrangled! changes every time it’s player, and playing on different sized surfaces can add an extra layer of excitement to the game. I’ve personally played Wrangled! on benches, small cafe tables, at bars and restaurants, and on all sorts and sizes of tables to great success. It always turns out to be a lot of fun!

Is this game fun for non-kids?

Yes! When I created Wrangled! my playtesters were predominantly 20-30 year olds and we thought it was hilarious to constantly attack each other’s cowpokes and steal each others cows away.

Is the art for the card game different from the other Wrangled! products I see?

Yes – Wrangled! was created in 2013 and the characters have gone through a little updating since then. I hope to print a second edition with the updates soon, but until then there’s still a few Wrangled! Classics available. (If you really really really want Wrangled! 2.0, contact me to let me know!)