Be an internet hero & win free stuff!

We love seeing folks adventuring with our games & gear, so we're awarding a $20 gift certificate every month for your best action shots!

Out on the trail or around the gaming table, near or far, big or small - we want to see how you make every day an adventure.

  1. Huzzah, you clicked! (Now read the rest carefully)
  2. Buy games & gear from Harpy Games. (Easy peasy, right?)
  3. Take us on an adventure! (Ex: hiking, urban exploring, to the beach, the convention, or to your next game night.)
  4. Take your most heroic photo with our games & gear in the shot with you (Think Rosie the Riveter, your favorite superhero, or invent your own - just be sure to be safe while you're posing!)
  5. Upload your photo to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest using the hashtag #harpygames AND!
  6. Send your photo to us directly (By tagging or sending us your photo you are giving us full & complete rights to use & promote it.)
  7. Be sure to list what products & other heroes are in the photos with you to be eligible. (Bonus Karma if you suggest a caption too.)
  8. Check your email for our next Adventure! (Winners are announced via our email Adventure newsletter, so be sure you're signed up!)


  • Smile :D
  • Be adventurous
  • Be geeky
  • Use natural lighting
  • Take us somewhere new
  • Go to conventions
  • Go to your FLGS
  • Host a game night
  • Get your friends/family/kids/pets to join the fun
  • Do the Harpy (make a big U with your arms, like a bird)
  • Get celebrities to do the Harpy with you!
  • Get creative
  • Be yourself!

(all of the following are ineligible)

  • Use watermarks
  • Embed text
  • Send ZIPs, links, or anything but static image files (JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP)
  • Be nekkid (we have some gear that can help...)
  • Crop out your beautiful face
  • Send photos that aren't yours
  • Give babies/kids choking hazards
  • Send us photos of products that aren't ours
  • Send us shots of lonely, inactive products
  • Trespass or put yourself in danger for a photo!

It should go without saying that inappropriate photos are not eligible, but this is the internet so: please remember that if it wouldn't get a PG-13 at most your photo is not eligible (and don't send it to us). We still love you though.